LiftMaster INSL24UL Slide Gate Opener Parts Finder

Part Diagram LiftMaster HD Main Control Board - K41-0073-000 LiftMaster Bldc Power/Motor Drive Board, INSL24UL - K41-0244-000 LiftMaster TECHNA Expansion Board - K1D8387-1CC LiftMaster TECHNA Relay Adapter Board - K41-0072-000 LiftMaster TECHNA EMI Board - K1D7078 LiftMaster Idler Sprocket, Qty 2, INSL24UL - K41-0239-000 LiftMaster Alarm, INSL24UL/IHSL24UL - K41-0248-000 LiftMaster Gate Bracket - K10-3209 LiftMaster U-Bolt - K305-803002 LiftMaster TECHNA Bridge Rectifier - K41-0083-000 LiftMaster Output Sprocket, INSL24UL - K41-0242-000 LiftMaster Motor, INSL24UL - K41-0253-000 LiftMaster Transformer, INSL24UL - K41-0346-000 LiftMaster Gear Reducer, INSL24UL - K41-0251-000 LiftMaster Limit System, INSL24UL/IHSL24UL - K41-0247-000 LiftMaster C Clamp, SL595U, 2 Pair - K77-38105 LiftMaster TECHNA 7AH 12VDC Batteries (2) - 29-NP712 LiftMaster TECHNA 7AH 12VDC Battery - K74-30762 LiftMaster 33Ah 12VDC Battery For DC Gate Operators Or XL Control Box Used With Linear Actuators - (Single) - A12330SGLPK LiftMaster Limit System Encoder, IHSL24UL/INSL24UL - K41-0246-000 LiftMaster Interlock Harness INSL24UL - K41-0255-000 LiftMaster Industrial Slide Gate Opener - Single Phase, 2200lbs, With Photo Eye & Edge Kit - INSL24UL