LiftMaster HDSL24UL Slide Gate Opener Parts Finder

Part Diagram LiftMaster Idler Pulley, Qty 2, HD - K41-0118-000 LiftMaster HD Power Board - K41-0071-000 LiftMaster HD Main Control Board - K41-0073-000 LiftMaster Dust Guard, HD Slide - K41-0075-000 LiftMaster APE HD Slider - K41-0051-000 LiftMaster Transformer, HD Swing And Slide - K41-0067-000 LiftMaster TECHNA EMI Board - K1D7078 LiftMaster TECHNA Relay Adapter Board - K41-0072-000 LiftMaster TECHNA Expansion Board - K1D8387-1CC LiftMaster Alarm, HD Gates - K41-0068-000 LiftMaster Limit Base Assembly, HD Slider - K41-0053-000 LiftMaster Drive Sprocket, HD Slide - K41-0063-000 LiftMaster Limit Reduction Chain, HD Slider - K41-0056-000 LiftMaster Control Board, Pivot Bracket And Slide - K41-0074-000 LiftMaster TECHNA Bridge Rectifier - K41-0083-000 LiftMaster TECHNA 7AH 12VDC Batteries (2) - 29-NP712 LiftMaster TECHNA 7AH 12VDC Battery - K74-30762 LiftMaster Lock And Keys - K80-50142 LiftMaster HD Slider Gear Reducer, 39 To 1 - K41-0062-000 LiftMaster Cover, HD Sliders - K41-0055-000 LiftMaster Motor Drive, HD Gates - K41-0095-000 LiftMaster HD Motor - K41-0082-000 LiftMaster Interlock Reset Switch, HD - K41-0081-000 LiftMaster HD Gearbox Disconnect - K41-0079-000