How Heavy Can My Gate Be For A LiftMaster Gate Opener?

If you are searching for a heavy-duty gate opener for an industrial gate, LiftMaster gate operators offer many options to withstand gates created to add security to industrial, government, or public buildings.

Weight Limitations For A Swing Gate

A LiftMaster gate opener's highest weight for swing gates is 4,500 pounds. The HDSW24UL is created to maneuver heavy gates when adding an optional HDLGARM arm. This commercial swing gate operator includes a photo eye for added security and a cover created to resist corrosion and heat.

Some more features included:

  • 24VDC Brushless Continuous-Duty Motor
  • Chassis Made From Steel
  • Reversing Sensor Is Used To Reverse When Obstruction Is Detected
  • MyQ Compatibility That Allows Use With App

Weight Limitations For A Slide Gate

Conversely, sliding gate openers offer more weight capability. The industrial slide gate opener IHSL24UL from LiftMaster is created to handle weights up to 5,500 pounds. Plus, since this gate opener has a solar-ready system and offers myQ compatibility, it includes the latest technological advances.

Some other features include:

  • 24VDC Brushless Motor
  • 4 Relays For More Features
  • A Photo Eye And Edge Kit Are Included With Operator
  • Chassis Made With Heavy-Duty Steel

What Other Features Do Heavy-Duty LiftMaster Gate Openers Offer?

While both featured operators for swing and slide gates can handle lots of weight, they offer a lot more than this. If you're searching for other useful specifications these LiftMaster machines contain, here is a quick comparison.

Heavy-Duty Swing Gate Opener Specifications:

HDSW24UL Swing Gate Opener IHSL24UL Slide Gate Opener
Remote Control Access: 50 Remotes Remote Control Access: 50 Remotes
Max Cycle Speed: 13-36 Seconds Max Cycle Speed 0.5 ft./sec.-1 ft./sec.
UL Classification: I, II, III, And IV UL Classification: I, II, III, And IV
Solar Compatible Solar Compatible

However, if you are looking for something other than a swing or slide gate that can hold this much weight, many other LiftMaster gate openers are durable and can hold a lower-weight set.

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