Will My Solar Gate Opener Work On A Cloudy Day?

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Solar gate openers are designed to keep your gate opener operating on a cloudy day and can even be modified to power your gate opener through a cloudy week. Understanding the solar process is important for understanding the inner workings of your solar gate operator and the components you will need to keep it functioning smoothly during any condition.

How Does A Solar Gate Opener Work?

LiftMaster solar gate openers are connected to a solar panel and a battery. The solar panels charge the batteries, which store power. How long your solar gate opener operates during a cloudy day or week depends on three things: how much your gate opener cycles throughout the day, the size and number of solar panels, and your backup battery or batteries.

Keep In Mind…

  • Utilizing two batteries and additional solar panels will allow you to store more power, which will more likely power your gate opener for a full week of cloudy weather.

  • Please be sure to purchase the appropriate products for your solar gate opener and make the appropriate connections when installing to ensure the best performance.

  • If you live in an area of consistent cloudy or cold weather, it is important that solar panel(s) are installed with the best chance of direct sunlight, that you clean them regularly of debris, and if temperatures drop below thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit, the standard 7Ah batteries will need to be replaced by 33Ah batteries to charge properly.

  • Most LiftMaster gate openers are solar compatible and can be modified into a solar system using a solar kit. Solar kits often include a solar panel, a battery, and a solar harness, though each can be purchased separately as well.

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