Product Overview: RSL12UL Slide Gate Opener

Experience safe and convenient gate operation with the LiftMaster RSL12UL Residential Slide Gate Opener. Designed for residential and light commercial gate use, the RSL12UL opener supports wireless dual gate operation. It has integrated MyQ Technology, Security +2.0 radio technology, and many more features that enhance the safety and convenience of an automatic gate opener system.

The RSL12UL is a 12-volt DC residential pad-mounted slide gate opener system that operates with a battery and AC power. It can also be modified into a solar unit with a 30-watt solar panel. Rated for around 120 cycles per day, the RSL12UL opens and closes gates at a rate of 10 inches/second, depending on the length and weight of the gate. This gate opener can handle a gate up to 25 feet long and 800 pounds. The opening rate is quick, and with the Security +2.0 radio technology, use your remote transmitters from further away, and the gate will be open when you pull up.

The RSL12UL is commonly used with a single slide gate but supports wireless dual gate communication to synchronize with another RSL12UL gate opener to open and close two gates. The wireless technology eliminates the need for hardwiring between units and trenching. Additional innovative technology, including Homelink compatibility and MyQ Technology, are integrated into this gate opener, allowing you to monitor and activate your gate opener remotely from your computer or phone. Review all the features and specifications of the RSW12UL residential slide gate opener below.

LiftMaster RSL12UL Features

  • Integrated MyQ Technology
  • Integrated Security +2.0 radio technology
  • Homelink Compatibility
  • Dual Gate Communication
  • UL-325 Compliant (UL Usage Class: I, II)
  • Solar Compatible
  • LED Diagnostic Display
  • Electronic Limit Setting
  • Compact Design
  • Rust-Resistant Enclosure
  • 3 Year Warranty

LiftMaster RSL12UL Specifications

  • Single Residential/Light Commercial Use
  • 12VDC Motor
  • 120VAC Single Phase
  • 0.5 Horsepower
  • 120 Cycles/Day Usage Rating
  • 10 inches/second Opening Speed
  • Maximum Gate Length: 25 ft
  • Maximum Gate Weight: 800 lbs.
  • Monitored Safety Inputs: 3 Input Main Board, 3 Optional Expansion Board

Discover the convenience and safety of a LiftMaster RSL12UL. This gate opener system has many user-designed features to keep your home and property safe and secure.

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