Frequently Asked Questions

What Battery Does A Liftmaster Remote Use?

Most LiftMaster remotes require 3V CR2032 coin batteries, 3V CR2016 coin batteries, 3V CR2450 coin batteries, or a AAA battery, depending on the model. Batteries can be purchased at any local retail store.

317LM and 373LM-3: 3V CR2032

374LM-4: 3V CR2032

374UT: 3V CR2032

375LM: 3V CR2032

380UT/375UT: 3V CR2032

890MAX: 3V CR2032

891LM and 893LM: 3V CR2032

893MAX: 3V CR2032

971LM: 3V CR2032

895MAX: 3V CR2016 or 3V CR2450

892LT and 894LT: AAA

How To Change Battery In Liftmaster Remote?

To open any LiftMaster remote, pry open the remote using the visor clip or screwdriver. Remove the old batteries and dispose of properly. Insert the replacement battery matching polarity (positive side up). Replace the cover.

How To Change Liftmaster Keypad Code?

Locate the Learn button on the garage door opener unit. It may be located on the back or side of the unit.

Press the learn button for 6 seconds and release. An indicator light will blink. Within 30 seconds, enter a new 4-digit PIN on your keypad or remote. A beep or flash will indicate success.

Test the code.

How To Adjust Liftmaster Garage Door Opener?

Disconnect the garage door opener.

Locate the adjustment controls. Covered in a plastic cover on the back or side of the opener unit.

To adjust force, use a flat-head screwdriver to adjust force dials. Increase = clockwise. Decrease = counterclockwise.

To adjust travel limits, turn screws or knobs. Increase = clockwise. Decrease = counterclockwise.

Reconnect the garage door opener.

Check the reversal system. Should an object obstruct its path, it will reverse.

Check photoelectric sensors. Should an object obstruct its path, it will reverse.

Disconnect and adjust as needed.

Recover adjustment controls.

How To Clear Liftmaster Error Code 4-2?

Error code 4-2 indicates a problem with the door reaching the fully open position. There could be many issues related to error code 4-2, but you may try clearing the obstruction, rebalancing the door, and checking the rollers, hinges, alignment, bearing plates, module drive gear, assembly, and wires. Another related issue may be that the up-limit adjustment control is set too high.

How To Open Liftmaster Garage Door Manually From Outside?

LiftMaster garage doors can be opened from the inside only after the emergency release cord is pulled straight down. The emergency release cord is located near the opener or along the track. After the emergency release cord is pulled, the garage door is released from the opener, and the door can be lifted or pulled manually.

How To Align Liftmaster Garage Door Sensors?

To align LiftMaster garage door sensors, disconnect the power supply, clean the sensors and wires, loosen the mounting bracket screws, align brackets using string or level, tighten the mounting brackets, replace the sensors, and turn the power back on.

What Watt Light Bulb For Liftmaster Garage Door Opener?

LiftMaster garage door openers are size A19 with a maximum wattage of 10W for LED bulbs and 100W for incandescent bulbs.

How To Lock Liftmaster Garage Door?

To lock a LiftMaster garage door, press the lock button for 2 seconds or until the push bar blinks, indicating that the door is now stuck in lock mode.

If there is no electricity, unplug the LiftMaster garage door opener, pull the emergency release cord, manually pull the door down, and clamp the top of the roller.

How To Program The Liftmaster Gate Remote?

Locate the learn button on the garage door opener. Press and hold the learn button until the LED light glows. Within 30 seconds, press the button on the remote you wish to operate your garage door. The garage door opener will click twice or flash its lights to indicate success.

Additional wiring is required for additional buttons on the same remote, but then all instructions are the same. Green and white wires will need to be moved to terminals 5 and 6, respectively.

How To Test Liftmaster Logic Board?

To check that the logic board is supplying DC voltage to activate the power board, verify the voltmeter leads can fit in the small pins where the harness of the logic board connects to the power board. Voltages should read 30Vdc for purple, yellow, gray, and black wires.

If the voltages are there, check the relay coils. If the voltages are not there, ensure the harnesses are seated fully; if they are, replace the logic board.

How To Change Battery In Liftmaster Garage Door Opener?

Battery back-ups will need to be changed every 1 to 2 years. The opener will beep, and a light will turn red, indicating that the battery needs to be changed.

Unplug the opener and open the light cover to access the battery compartment.

Remove the battery compartment cover and pull the battery out. Remove the red and black wires from the terminals.

Replace with new battery, connect red and black wires to their terminals. Replace the battery compartment cover and light cover. Plug in the opener.

How To Program Liftmaster To Car Without A Remote?

If your car comes compatible with HomeLink, you can program your LiftMaster directly to your car.

Identify the model of LiftMaster you have, the Learn button's location on the LiftMaster opener, and the programming button location for the HomeLink system in your car.

Clear any LiftMaster and HomeLink settings to restore to default settings by pressing and holding the first and third buttons of the HomeLink system in your car. Release as soon as the light blinks.

To program the new button, press and hold the program (or learn code) button on your opener until the light blinks. When it blinks, you will have 30 seconds to press the button you want to program three times in your car. If successful, the door will begin to close.

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