LiftMaster Remote Work Light - 380LM

This Wall Mount Remote Light is exclusively used with Wall Mount Opener 8500. It has 200 watts of light and can be mounted with multiple lights of the same style.
Part Number: 380LM
$57.06 each
$57.06 each


LiftMaster Remote Work Light - 380LM

The 380LM Wall Mount 8500 Remote Light is for use with wall mount opener 8500 and functions exactly like any garage door opener light, but it can be put anywhere on the ceiling. The 200 watts of light provide unique lighting, and the adjustable delay timer assures your light will turn on when needed. The control panel light button or opener controls the light.

Key Features

  • For Use With Model 8500
  • Ability To Mount Multiple Lights
  • 200 Watts
Name LiftMaster Remote Work Light - 380LM
Manufacturer LiftMaster
Price $57.06